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Power Quality Audit Services

Power quality analysis is a crucial procedure that assesses the overall safety and efficiency of a building or facility's power supply. By scrutinizing elements such as power flow, grounding, and harmonics, this process aims to determine the quality of electric power.

Various factors can lead to poor power quality in electric power, impacting the functionality of electrical loads. Inadequate power quality may result in malfunctions, premature failures, or complete non-operation of electrical devices or loads.

Issues in power distribution, such as harmonic distortion, voltage variation, and poor power factor, are commonplace and can stem from within a facility, neighboring buildings, or directly from the power company, regardless of the facility's size.


  • Improve Plant Safety

  • Eliminate transient power spikes.

  • Revalidate power quality.

  • Increase meantime between failures.

  • Power Quality and Grounding Audits provide a detailed analysis of incoming power quality and grounding integrity and its effect on connected devices and internal power systems. Audit findings pinpoint specific problem areas and provide fixes that improve overall system performance.

  • Power Quality Audits help detecting Causes of system malfunctions or halts, system crashes, console failures, processor lockups, abnormally high parts failures, or unusual or floating readings, a system audit and reevaluation of power systems is recommended.

  • A full audit will identify ground faults, power quality deficiencies, and improve overall system performance.

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