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Energy Audit Service

Energy Audit is a process in which all the energy flow in the systems is identified
and quantification of energy usage according to its discrete function is done. It
aims to balance the input and output of energy. Along with helping in improving
the operating and maintenance practices of the system, Energy Audits helps in
pollution control, cost optimization, and other safety aspects.

An energy audit helps in shielding an organization from fluctuation in energy cost
availability. It also helps in deciding appropriate energy mix, enables reliability of
energy supply, and encourages the usage of better equipment and technology for
energy conservation.

Why Energy Audits?

  • It reduces energy losses and cuts down the energy cost on an average by 7% to 30%,
    sometimes even better.

  • It assists in saving energy with the least investment or investment with good ROI.

What benefits the Energy Audits can bring to business?

  • Reduce energy costs of the organization.

  • With reduced energy cost, the production cost is reduced, which makes the
    organization more competitive.

  • Dependence on imports for energy is reduced.

  • Reduce pollution and environmental damage.

  • Energy security is increased.

The Energy Audits of Diesel Generators, helps achieve:

  • The efficient use of electrical energy, study of Losses and Leakages.

  • The efficient operation of generator, optimum use of Fuel utilization.

  • Various load sharing practices of generator sets are compared.

  • The annual energy savings potential from generator sets is estimated.

Services Details:

Service Location On-Site
Type Of Energy And Area Covered Electrical, Overhead HT Lines, Mechanical & Thermal,
Usage/Application Commercial, Institutions, Hospitals, And Industries
Reason For Audit High Billing, Efficiency Enhancement
Load Type ANY
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