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Construction Site Safety Audit

A construction safety audit examines the safety measures in place on the job site. This covers both the site's security and the precautions taken to avoid injury or loss of life. Regular audits are essential for every organisation, but construction site safety audit is imperative especially for the construction industry.
Safety auditing is a vital measure that organizations must take to ensure that the organization is meeting the required health and safety compliances. 

Some risks construction workers might face are:

  • Falls from heights,
  • Improper use of dangerous equipment,
  • Electric shock,
  • Trench collapse, etc.

It’s a given that the above factors are critical and even life-threatening. This is why safety audits at the construction site are a must. 

A construction safety audit reviews the safety measures at the job site. This includes the safety of the site, as well as actions that are taken to prevent injury.

Carrying out regular audits is crucial for any organization, but most importantly for the construction industry. Safety auditing consists of:

  • Assessment of the health and safety of an organization
  • Pinpointing areas of improvement 
  • Analyzing on-site conditions 
  • Assessing safety measures

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